Chimney Liner Replacement

A proper functioning chimney liner is critical to the performance and ultimately the safety of all occupants in the home or business. There are currently two types of replacement liners that your Always Affordable Chimney technician can install for you. The stainless steel chimney liner has been the standard that has been used to replace the terracotta clay chimney liners that are found in most homes. In recent years, a stronger liner has been developed. This is the FuranFlex, made up of composite materials. There are many advantages that the FuranFlex chimney liner has over the stainless steel liner, but both are excellent choices for all your chimney liner replacement needs. Most importantly, for safety reasons, it is critical that your chimney be inspected annually. Call us for our Free Chimney Inspection Service.

Furanflex Liner Information

Always Affordable Chimney is a certified installer of Furanflex® liners. These corrosion-proof liners can work with chimneys of any shape, size or length. The airtight liner tube is made of a composite material that has the solidity of steel.

Note: Furanflex was originally designed for commercial applications. As the product has developed, manufacturing costs have dropped and it has become a reasonable alternative to Stainless Steel chimney liners in homes across the entire region. Always Affordable Chimney is currently the first and only Long Island Chimney company that is licensed to install the flexible Furanflex liner system.

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The purpose of a chimney liner is to keep the heat of flue gases inside the chimney so the chimney can’t overheat nearby combustible material (such as the framing and walls of your house) and possibly cause a fire. The liner also keeps carbon monoxide, moisture, smoke, creosote, and other products of combustion from seeping through the bricks and mortar of your chimney and leaking into your home. For more information about chimney liners & chimney liner replacement, check out our blog post - Do I Need A Chimney Liner.

Fitting a chimney with a properly sized liner is the best line of defense against future problems. This ensures good draft by preventing flue gases from expanding and cooling.

The liners we provide are:

  • Strong & Flexible

  • Have a Lifetime Warranty

  • Energy Efficient

  • Gas Boiler Chimney Liners

It is important to acknowledge chimney liner replacement. If you have a home in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens or even Westchester, you may want to have your chimney inspection done by Always Affordable to make sure that flue gasses are not entering your home.

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Note: Always Affordable Chimney is also a licensed installer of FuranFlex chimney lining systems.

This is a great product for Brownstones and many residential homes on and around Long Island (including: Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan & Westchester).

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