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Always Affordable Chimney provides a wide array of chimney services, including chimney cap installation, for clients across Long Island. Having a properly installed chimney cap is a critical part of the process in keeping your home and chimney in a proper working condition. While older chimney caps can provide adequate protection, a more modern stainless steel chimney cap is most often recommended. The lifespan of chimney caps is not too long and they need to be repaired or reinstalled every few years. Here are a few reasons why having a working chimney cap is important.

Chimney Caps Safety Measures

Chimney Caps Need To Be In Good Working Order All Year Long

Chimney caps can be an overlooked part of your chimney as a whole, but they provide your home with a lot of safety aspects. Below are some safety measures that are ensured by having a properly working chimney cap.

  • Safe From Animals: a properly installed chimney cap will  keep animals and debris out of your chimney flue and home. Small birds, called chimney swifts will create nests in your flue if they can gain access to it. Raccoons and squirrels are also known to take up residence in an unprotected chimney flue.  If you have ever seen what a loose raccoon can do to the insides of your home, the small investment that a stainless steel chimney cap requires is a small price to pay.  In addition to the nuisance these animals create, there are important health reasons to consider as well. The droppings of these animals carry diseases that can be harmful to you and your family. Another issue to consider is the nests that these animals will create. They can often block your chimney flue completely send back carbon monoxide and smoke into your home.

  • Safe From Water/Rain: Your chimney is most likely made of brick and mortar. These materials do absorb water and over time masonry damage can occur. A chimney cap will make sure that the rain falls away from the structure and prevent rain water from entering the flue. 

  • Chimney Caps Long IslandSafe From Floating Embers: Just as a Chimney Cap keeps unwanted animal, debris and water from entering the chimney flue, the chimney cap also prevents floating embers that may be created by a fireplace, from escaping the flue and landing on your rooftop. In a more sever case of an actual chimney fire, your stainless steel chimney cap may be your homes best and last line of protection from a more severe house fire. Chimney fires are rare but they do occur. Your best protection against a chimney fires is to have your chimney inspected and cleaned on an annual basis.

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Always Affordable Chimney has years of experience providing residents with high quality chimney services, including a variety of services concerning chimney caps. We are located in Massapequa, but serve clients across Long Island, Queens and Westchester. For more information about chimney caps, or for information about our services, please contact us today. The number to call is 1-855-244-6880. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about chimney caps and keeping your chimney safe year round.