Fireplace Heating and Safety

Keeping our clients and their families safe is our top priority at Always Affordable Chimney. As winter approaches, we realize that many of you will be planning on using your fireplace to help keep your home warm.  In many cases, your fireplace fires are used with the intent to replace the more costly alternative of oil heat.  It is well documented that the cost of heating homes, especially in the New York, Westchester, and Long Island area can be significant. When used wisely and safely, fireplace heat is an excellent alternative or addition to your home heating plan.

Fireplace Safety
Our goal is make sure that using your fireplace usage does not become problematic and the best way to assure this is to make sure your chimney is properly maintained. Additionally, you want to make sure your fireplace is properly set up, to avoid losing much of the heat it creates. Making sure the chimney that serves your fireplace has a properly installed chimney liner will certainly increase the amount of heat it produces as well as prevent heat loss.

A glass cover on your fireplace is also a good idea. While adding to the aesthetic beauty of your fireplace it also prevents cold air from getting into your home and when your home is warm it prevents the heated air from escaping. Even if you are not planning on using your fireplace, glass doors are an excellent choice for adding insulation to your home.

Most important is the health and safety of our clients.  If you are using your fireplace, it is imperative that you have your chimney inspected and professionally cleaned on an annual basis. In our northeast location, September and October are the best months to have the service performed, before the onset of the cold winter months.   If you are reading this information but are out of the Always Affordable Chimney service area, please find a reputable chimney service company in your area and give them a call.  Safety should be top priority for all of us.