Emergency Chimney Service

Always Affordable Chimney is available for 24/7 emergency chimney service in Long Island and the rest of the New York metro area, as well as Queens and Westchester. If you are in need of any of our chimney services at any time, please contact us today.

The number to call is (855) 244-6880. 

Reliable Chimney Services

In June 2015, we received an emergency call from a Brooklyn three-family dwelling. Smoke, also known as "puff back," was pouring into the building, caused by multiple blockages in their chimney system - these blockages, which accumulated after years of neglect within the chimney could have damaged a large majority of the house.

The Always Affordable crew could have accessed the chimney through standard “tile knocking” on the inside to clear out the debris in the terracotta chimney, but due to the poor condition of the chimney, entering inside the building would result in more smoke and soot releasing into the living spaces, putting the home and families at risk.

Always Affordable found a safer method of tearing a hole from the outside and into the chimney. As our employees are also experts in masonry, the chimney and wall were patched up following the insertion of a new, custom made 9” oval stainless steel liner.

Puff Back

So what is puff back? Residue from soot created by an oil burner, chimney or furnace is called “puff back.” Aside from containing poisonous carbon monoxide, puff back will stain surfaces in your home or business. If you find this material in your house, you should call a chimney service as soon as possible and there is no one more reliable than Long Island's own, Always Affordable Chimney - providing emergency and general chimney work throughout Long Island, Brooklyn & Manhattan.

Emergency Chimney Services You Can Trust

Following a brief yet powerful storm during the middle of the night in early August 2017, a Suffolk County resident discovered damage to their chimney. The heavy rain and high winds caused bricks in the masonry to loosen and fall. Luckily, the crew at Always Affordable Chimney was on the scene the very next day to repair the masonry. Our team of experts at Always Affordable Chimney provides reliable and immediate emergency service. There is no job too big or too small that Always Affordable can't handle and when your chimney is in our hands, you couldn't be safer.

From a completely broken down chimney, to the masterpiece on the right, Always Affordable provided these Long Island residents with a brand new, optimal and most importantly, safe, chimney all in a day's work. When you are in need of emergency chimney service, there is no one better to call than Always Affordable Chimney. Causes for emergency chimney services can arise out of nowhere, but with our team of experts, your chimney will be repaired and as good as new in no time.

Emergency Chimney Service Emergency Chimney Service