Chimney Rope Access Services

When you choose Always Affordable Chimney, you are choosing the area's most skilled technicians to perform your chimney service. More importantly we go to extremes to save our clients money.  Where most chimney service companies will build expensive scaffolding systems to install chimney systems, our expert technicians can do the job utilizing superior skill and rope access.

Using a chimney rope access system provides a more efficient method of getting to elevated locations that are otherwise difficult to reach. Always Affordable Chimney uses this technique to assemble and repair outside commercial chimney stacks or pipes.

Safety First

The rope access method requires an established plan using the proper safety equipment.  We use a  two-rope system and follow all safety precautions and requirements. This consists of a rope to hold the worker and another rope to ensure safety to prevent a fall; all attached to a professional safety harness. Please take a moment to review the photo gallery at the bottom of the page to see our rope access chimney service in action.

Rope access is the most cost-effective choice for work on many of the tall vertical buildings found in Manhattan (New York City) Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Always Affordable Chimney has years of experience in the chimney industry. We service customers across Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk Counties). For professional rope access work and a more affordable approach to your chimney problem, contact Always Affordable Chimney. We will gladly help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your chimney.