Chimney Parts - Cleaning and Maintenance

Parts is Parts – or Are They?

Chimney Cleaning ServicesMost people with a fireplace can’t wait to get that first roaring fire of the season going. You know what you have to do to prepare. You open the ash dump and sweep the ash down it, you shovel out the ash pit in the basement or outside, you sweep the hearth, you open the damper and light a match to be sure the flame goes up the chimney and you settle in with your logs. You’re all set. But you aren’t. The pieces of your fireplace that you can see are only the start of what it takes for you to enjoy that fire. Your chimney and fireplace have as many as 22 parts that should be regularly attended to or at least inspected.

Though most people attend to their fireplace, many don’t pay any attention to their chimney. Plenty can go wrong there from blockages to cracked masonry to loose bricks. All of this must be maintained to ensure you have a safe fire in your fireplace. At Always Affordable Chimney, we provide a wide range of quality chimney cleaning services. Our trusted contractors will come to your home and treat your chimney like its their own. And their cleaning process is second to none.

Chimney Cleaning Process

Here’s how it works. Starting at the top you have the crown. The crown is at the top of your chimney and protects your chimney from water damage. If the crown is damaged, water will seep in through the cracks and deteriorate the bricks and mortar that comprise your chimney leaving you with an unsound chimney.

Next, the flue provides a passage for the smoke and gases from the fireplace. A flue liner protects the inside of your chimney from the heat associated with the gases, flames and smoke. If this deteriorates, your chimney masonry is subject to accumulating flammable debris.

Further down you have the smoke chamber. Here the walls slope and the slope compresses the combustion byproducts before they enter the chimney proper which is a much smaller space. This action prevents a backdraft.

Lastly, we’ll get to the damper which is a little door that closes the chimney off when you aren’t using it. This prevents water, animals and debris from entering your chimney. Now that you know how it works, you may see the importance of regular chimney maintenance by a chimney professional. It isn’t all smoke and mirrors. If you are need of expert chimney services, please contact us today. We serve residents across New York and Long Island.