Chimney Cleaning New Rochelle

Chimney Cleaning New Rochelle

Always Affordable is established in Long Island, although we are glad to clean your chimney in New Rochelle. We also focus on chimney liners. But the options do not end there. Our crew is also involved with inspection, repair, brickwork, cap installation and other industry related services. The goal is to achieve a top level of technical expertise for all of our clients. We know that fumes and loose bricks can affect your safety. The work we do is for your own protection. If your chimney is not operating properly, get in touch with us as soon as possible. Otherwise there could be a small crisis situation. And by that, we mean an unintentional fire. 


What you cannot see can indeed hurt you. We know this about carbon monoxide. This is also the case with creosote, a substance that piles up a layer inside while wood in the fireplace is burning. It has a flammable quality that will cause a serious fire. Just to be clear, creosote is dangerous. You can actually check for the hazardous matter yourself. Use a disposable plastic knife or similiar object to scrape the sides of the inner chimney. If a thick build-up is discovered, the time for a chimney cleaning is nowl

Chimney Liners

A crucial component of the chimney is the liner. Its purpose is to protect your home and yourself. Without a liner, a fire outside the chimney is inevitable. A solid quality liner is an investment worth every penny. Read about the FuranFlex, which is the toughest in the industry. Sure, you could have a clay, ceramic or cement liner installed. But listen to us now and believe us later, a stainless steel chimney liner will hold up against the elements.


Not only do we want the chimney to be clear of hazardous creosote, we also want the chimney to be free of any elements from above. Along with a cleaning in New Rochelle, the addition of a quality cap will protect from rain, snow, tree branches and animals. Unlike the liner, a cap is visible on the exterior of your home. There are various styles of caps available to fit the design of your building. 

DIY Cleaning to Avoid

Don't even think about attempting a chimney cleaning on your own. That is plain dangerous. Refrain from adding salt to logs, burning potato skins or sticking an evergreen tree down the chimney for use as a large brush. Apparently, people have tried these ideas. Just don't do it.