Westchester Chimney Caps

Always Affordable Chimney offers homeowners across the Westchester area with a wide range of chimney services. This includes the installation of chimney caps. These are an important aspect of every chimney and not simply during the months where the chimney is in use. We are backed by UL listings and offer a lifetime guarantee for our work.

Chimney Caps Importance

Properly installed chimney caps are the best way to stop moisture from snow and rain from entering your chimney. Chimney caps are also designed to prevent leaves and debris from entering and possibly blocking your chimney. On top of that, they can also prevent animals from infiltrating. The maintenance of chimney caps is even important during the off-season of chimney use. The rainy months in the summer can do unknowing damage. So, before you begin to use your chimney again in the winter, have it inspected to ensure it is safe to use.  Chimney caps should be in proper working condition all year long.

Chimney Caps Estimates

Always Affordable Chimney has years of experience in the field and provides homeowners across the Westchester area with dependable services for chimney caps. This includes both installations and repairs. If you are in need of service, please contact us today. We can provide you with a free estimate and consultation for our services. The number to call is 1-855-244-6880. We will happily answer any questions you may have regarding chimney caps.