Chimney Cap Installation

Always Affordable Chimney has been providing quality chimney caps over 20 years. Backed by UL listings and a lifetime guarantee, our beautiful chimney caps are designed to last a lifetime. 

We have many designs to choose from, and we can make your custom chimney caps designs come to life as well. Our designs are UL listed and labeled to assure you of the craftsmanship. Properly installed chimney caps are the best way to prevent moisture from rain and snow from entering your chimney. They are also designed to stop animals, leaves, and other debris from entering and possibly blocking your chimney.

Even if you have not had your chimney in use, it is vital that a chimney cap is in proper condition. Stainless steel chimney caps are great for keeping out unwanted  animals, debris and precipitation. But maintaining your chimney cap, you will also be extending the overall lifespan of your chimney. 

Contact us today if you think you need a new chimney cap or any other chimney repair throughout Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan or Westchester. We have years of experience in the field and our results speak for themselves. 

Chimney Cap Installation

Stainless Steel Chimney Caps and Chase Covers

In addition to chimney cap installation, we are often required to install stainless steel chimney chase covers. This is most often used to seal off the top of your brick chimney chase. Some older chimney case covers were not made of stainless steel and often rust and break in addition to just looking ugly. A properly installed stainless steel chase cover will eliminate this problem. Below you will see a recently completed installation of a chase cover:


Chimney Cap Installation Long Island

Chimney Cap Installation

If you are interested, you can check out more completed installations of chase covers.

Chimney Cap Installation Experts

Pictured above is an example of a chimney cap installation we worked on. Chimney caps are important, as they keep your home safe from animals, water, rain and floating embers. Getting ones properly installed will keep you and your family safe. Regularly inspections will ensure the caps on your chimney are in good working condition. Though we are located in Massapequa, we serve residential clients across Long Island, Westchester and Queens. We are here for you for whatever chimney needs you may have!

Chimney Cap Installation

We are proud to receive a 2014 super service award for Chimney Caps from Angie's List.

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