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Free Boiler Installation for Happy Cat Sanctuary

Posted On: December 18, 2017

Sometimes when investigating a chimney problem strange things can occur. Sometimes these events lead you on a path that you never thought you would take. Last year, while doing a chimney inspection service I came across 3 kittens and a mother cat that could barely walk. After making a few calls to a friends who I also knew had cats, I was given the number to the Happy Cat Sanctuary in Medford NY. The gentlemen who runs Happy Cat , Chris, asked me to bring the cats from the Brooklyn location where I found them to my office in Massapequa Long Island.  That evening he drove from Medford to meet me and my new feline friends.  I was not equipped or experienced to take care of the cats so Chris quickly agreed to take them in. His kindness and generosity moved me so much that a few weeks later I took a ride out east to see the sanctuary.  It was simply amazing.

I could not believe the number of cats that Chris was caring for.There had to be over 200 cats. They were all well maintained and the place was very well kept. I am a chimney professional so I offered my services to inspect and clean his chimney. It was the least I could do to show my appreciation. It was at this time that I learned that there was no working boiler at the sanctuary. It had stopped working 2 years earlier and this non-profit group did not have the funds to replace it.   It was at that point that I felt their was a higher power involved, that put me in the path of those kittens with the sick mother, that made me reach out to Chris.  My job was clear... I had to get heat for these cats and the folks who cared for them.  

The very next job I did was for a boiler conversion. The old boiler, although 10 years old, was in excellent condition. I received permission from the owner to take the old boiler and use it for my friends at Happy Cat.  The next Sunday my crew and I setup the boiler and by Sunday night the place was warm. It brought me great joy to help such a great place.

I am telling this story because it has been brought to my attention that the Happy Cat Sanctuary is in severe financial crisis and struggling to stay open. Below is a video about Happy Cat and I encourage all those reading this, if possible, to send a donation, visit the sanctuary or help out in any way possible.  Chris is still there managing the place. Let him know that Tommy from Always Affordable Chimney sent you his way.