How to Prevent Small Animals from Invading Your Chimney

Jan 21, 2019

How to Prevent Small Animals from Invading Your Chimney

Your fireplace creates a wonderfully warm and cozy environment during the cold months and allows you to save money on your gas bill. This warmth is also inviting to the small animals that live outside. It draws them to your chimney, and after your fire has finished burning they are likely to crawl inside. You want to keep these animals out and prevent them from making your chimney their new home, but how?

Clean Chimney

One way to prevent your chimney from becoming the home to small animals is to have it cleaned in the spring, after the last of the cold is gone and you don't need to use it until the next winter.  Cleaning out the debris gives animals nothing to use to create a new home.

Shut Flue After Each Use

The lingering warmth from your now extinguished fire is very inviting to cold birds and rodents in the winter.  An open flue gives them access to get into your chimney and hunker down for the night.  The next time you go to light a fire, any nesting material that might be in your chimney becomes a dangerous fire hazard.  Be sure to close your flue after every fire you light.

Chimney Cap

Possibly one of the best ways to keep small birds and other animals out of your chimney is by investing in a chimney cap.  A chimney cap is just that - a cover that goes over the opening of your chimney.  It is made of either stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper or aluminum.  The top is solid and raised up slightly above the opening.  The sides are mesh, with small holes to keep even small critters out.

Keeping small animals out of your chimney is important to the safety of both the creatures and your home.  By keeping your chimney clean and the opening sealed off, you can prevent these small animals from getting in and causing any damage.