Five Reasons to Have Your Chimney Inspected

Sep 27, 2017

Millions of people own chimneys. During the cooler seasons of Fall and Winter, a room with a beautiful properly functioning fireplace is perfect for both relaxing and entertaining guests. However, your chimney has many working parts that wear over time like any other household appliance. To keep your chimney working properly, scheduling annual chimney inspections is necessary. Here are a five reasons why you should have your chimney inspected.

Soot & Debris Accumulation

A thick black coating of soot and dirt called creosote builds up in the lining of your chimney after many uses. This creosote prevents your chimney from efficiently blowing smoke out of your home. More importantly, creosote causes increased levels of carbon monoxide and can severely harm your health if inhaled. If you notice your chimney struggling to expel smoke efficiently or a black substance in your flue, booking an inspection is imperative for you and your loved ones. 

Proper Blower Function

Both coal and wood burning fireplaces have blowers that push smoke and other hazards, including carbon monoxide, out of your home through the flue. If this chimney component malfunctions, soot and debris could build up leaving you at risk of getting sick from breathing in creosote toxins.

Damaged or Cracked Bricks

Bricks and the mortar joints that hold them together are what make up the structural integrity of your chimney. If you notice bricks that are slipping out of place, broken or chipped, calling a chimney inspector is a must. Allowing bricks to keep cracking and breaking can interfere with your chimney's airflow by not allowing hot air to escape or by letting cold air into the flue while it is in use. If cold air gets in, you will have to use more energy to warm your home and spend more money to do so. A chimney inspection will lead you to a professional chimney technician who can easily correct this problem as well as most others.

Airflow Obstructions 

If you live is in an a woodsy area, your chimney's flue could be accidentally blocked or closed off. Environmental factors including broken tree branches, leaves, debris and even animals could get stuck inside your flue. If you figure that your chimney's airflow is not working efficiently or actually see foreign objects in your chimney, scheduling a chimney inspection is crucial to correcting the problem. 

Building Codes & Laws

Your area's building codes may have changed since your last inspection. Your chimney is no different that any of your utilities that you schedule inspections for.  To ensure that you do not get in legal trouble or pay a possible fine, an inspector will check to guarantee your chimney's safety and compliance with local code and protocol.

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