Chimney Blog December 2017

Free Boiler Installation for Happy Cat Sanctuary

Posted On: December 18, 2017

Sometimes when investigating a chimney problem strange things can occur. Sometimes these events lead you on a path that you never thought you would take. Last year, while doing a chimney inspection service I came across 3 kittens and a mother cat that could barely walk. After making a few calls to a friends who I also knew had cats, I was given the number to the Happy Cat Sanctuary in Medford NY. The gentlemen who runs Happy Cat , Chris, asked me to bring the cats from the Brooklyn location where I found them to my office in Massapequa Long Island.  That evening he drove from Medford to meet me and my new feline friends.  I was not equipped or experienced to take care of the cats so Chris quickly agreed to take them in. His kindness and generosity moved me so much that a few weeks later I took a ride out east to see the sanctuary.  It was simply amazing.

I could not believe the number of cats that Chris was caring for.There had to be over 200 cats. They were all well maintained and the place was very well kept. I am a chimney professional so I offered my services to inspect and clean his chimney. It was the least I could do to show my appreciation. It was at this time that I learned that there was no working boiler at the sanctuary. It had stopped working 2 years earlier and this non-profit group did not have the funds to replace it.   It was at that point that I felt their was a higher power involved, that put me in the path of those kittens with the sick mother, that made me reach out to Chris.  My job was clear... I had to get heat for these cats and the folks who cared for them.  

The very next job I did was for a boiler conversion. The old boiler, although 10 years old, was in excellent condition. I received permission from the owner to take the old boiler and use it for my friends at Happy Cat.  The next Sunday my crew and I setup the boiler and by Sunday night the place was warm. It brought me great joy to help such a great place.

I am telling this story because it has been brought to my attention that the Happy Cat Sanctuary is in severe financial crisis and struggling to stay open. Below is a video about Happy Cat and I encourage all those reading this, if possible, to send a donation, visit the sanctuary or help out in any way possible.  Chris is still there managing the place. Let him know that Tommy from Always Affordable Chimney sent you his way.


Chimney Safety and Carbon Monoxide

Posted On: December 04, 2017

Heating systems in the process of producing heat also create carbon monoxide. This dangerous gas is expelled from your home via your chimney flue. In most homes, especially in the Long Island and New York area, there is a chimney that is functioning properly and this carbon monoxide is removed safely and efficiently. However, there are situations that arise over time that can lead to some level of carbon monoxide escaping the flue and entering your home. This is obviously a major problem and can lead to health issues and possibly even death. It doesn't happen often but every once in a while we hear the tragic story on the local news about a family that has suffered a loss due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

As a chimney inspection and repair company we know that a yearly inspection is the best way to avoid this problem. We also understand that many homeowners will go years or even decades without having their chimney inspected. It is not uncommon for a chimney lining to deteriorate over time. We also see situations where a new boiler is installed but the retrofit to the existing chimney liner is not proper. Solving a problem before it happens is always the best course of action and we offer a free chimney inspection service for this very reason.  However, we also highly recommend that all of our customers, friends and neighbors have a carbon monoxide detectors installed in their home. This inexpensive device could be the difference in preventing carbon monoxide poisoning to you and your loved ones.

Make sure you have your detector installed and working and remember to have your chimney inspected annually.