Chimney Blog January 2017

Chimney Professionals? What to look for...

Posted On: January 30, 2017

Yes, there are pretenders in every business.  But the true professionals always rise to the top, and have longevity.  Here are a few tips you should know before choosing a chimney company.

Make sure you are using a company that has been around for years.   Bad reputation spreads quickly.  If the company you choose has been around a while will be able to search for information online about the company and if there are many bad reviews you will find them.

Make sure they are licensed and insured. If they are like my company we disclose that information on every page of our website.  We are legitimate and we want everyone to know and be able to check us out.

Take a look at the equipment. Vans and Trucks are a good reflection of the business.  At Always Affordable we have our vehicles professionally painted with our logos. We invest the money to spread the news.  We are not hiding behind a rock, when we are doing a job we are proud of our work and we want everyone to know who we are.

Make sure your chimney cleaning company is full service.  Anyone can learn to clean a chimney.... but if the company you choose also provides other types of chimney services, you can feel more assured that they have the experience and the business sense to do a good job at a fair price.  Gaining a loyal customer leads to future work. Chimney repairs, masonry, liner replacement and other more involved and specialized work.



Is Your Chimney In Need Of Some TLC

Posted On: January 14, 2017

Chimney ProfessionalHow to Tell If Your Chimney Is in Need of a Little TLC

Your chimney is an important part of your house. A chimney that is in bad repair can cause problems you don’t even want to imagine. The problem many homeowners have with chimneys is that they view them as being part of the roof and ignore the warning signs that are coming into the main house. Right now, you’re probably wondering what we’re going on about. Well, we’ll tell you and it may save you a lot of time and worry.

What Are the Warning Signs of Trouble?

Since your average homeowner doesn’t generally make trips to the rooftop we’ll spare you what to look for up there. We will, however, advise you to have a qualified professional do an annual roof inspection to spot trouble before it gets out of hand.

What we can tell you to look for is really quite simple. Let’s start with your walls. Yes, the walls that bother your chimney (remember it runs the depth of your house) are vulnerable to moisture that creeps in from your chimney. How does that moisture get in? It can happen several ways, but the most common is damaged mortar joints. The constant exposure to the elements that a chimney is subjected to breaks down the mortar causing little cracks that can eventually become big cracks. Moisture gets in and seeps into your walls, leaving an unsightly mess.

Another indication that your chimney needs help is a rusted damper or firebox. If your damper becomes difficult to open or close it could be due to moisture in the chimney. If you inspect your damper using a flashlight you may spot rust on it or on your firebox. You have to have a professional check it out to find the cause and have it repaired as soon as possible. Whatever you do, don’t light a fire.

One more problem you can see without a roof inspection is damage as a result of cracked flue tiles or spalling bricks. When bricks get moist, bits of masonry pop out. If this happens, you may notice bits of masonry that have fallen from the chimney. If it’s a flue tile problem little slices of tile will fall to the bottom of the chimney probably landing in your firebox.



Lean On Me - Good Song But Bad Chimney

Posted On: January 09, 2017

Common Chimney Repair Mistakes Homeowners Make

Here you are trying to do the right thing and you suddenly find yourself in a pickle. You had someone check out your chimney and they assured you it was in fine shape. Or worse, they had you spend a small fortune fixing a problem and now you discover that wasn’t the problem to begin with.

Well, the chimney professionals at Always Affordable Chimney bend over backwards to inform and educate every homeowner. Not only do we guarantee our work, but we guarantee to restore your faith in chimney professionals.   We get the job done right. Working Hard and Working Fair…

Lean on Me - Bad For Your Chimney?

This one is a no-brainer. When you look up at your roof and view your chimney it should be standing straight up, correct? Yes, it should. If you live in this old house and your chimney leans just a tad, it’s a sign that it got a lot of use but it’s old so it’s okay, correct? No, it’s a sign that your chimney is starting to lean and if you don’t get someone up there quick you will be in a world of hurt.

Your chimney is exposed to all of the elements and has to endure freezing, thawing and extreme heat in the summers. All of this back and forth with the weather naturally takes its toll on the mortar and bricks of which your chimney is made. When a chimney leans, it means that its structure is compromised. It can lead to moisture getting in, bugs getting in, and worse, it can lead to noxious fumes getting into your home’s interior.

The biggest mistake and the simplest undertaking is not having your chimney and fireplace inspected annually by a qualified and certified company or chimney sweep. The amount you spend on the inspection each year is minuscule compared to what you’ll pay to repair the damage if you don’t do the inspections.

Oh, and one more thing, get yourself a carbon monoxide detector and change the batteries every New Year before you light that warming winter fire.