Brownstone Chimney Liners & Chimney Service

New York City features many historical brownstones in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The buildings present a unique challenge when performing quality chimney cleaning and repair. This is especially notable when installing liner systems.

In most instances, a stainless steel liner system will be installed. This is the liner of choice for the experts of Always Affordable Chimney. For brownstones, however, there may be other options to present to our clients.

There are unique challenges for nearly every brownstone. The installation of the high-tech FuranFlex system is an outstanding alternative.  The installation process often takes longer and the expertise required to install this unit is much higher. But in the end, the result is greater integrity. And that's what Always Affordable is all about. We provide brownstone chimney service that is second to none in the NYC area.

There is a Solution:

FuranFlex Lining for Brooklyn Brownstone & Manhattan Brownstone Chimneys

Always Affordable Chimney is a certified installer of Furanflex® liners. These corrosion-proof liners solve the problem of annoying and expensive wall repairs that are often necessary when installing a new stainless steel chimney lining system in  brownstones. Because of its flexibility the FuranFlex material can be maneuvered through the flue from the top of each chimney flue avoiding these unwanted repairs. Plus the composite material expands and hardens to fit the shape of the flue providing  a wider and higher capacity  lining system for your brownstone. Plus it is more durable. The airtight liner tube is made of a composite material that has the solidity of steel but resists corrosion better. Click here to read more about the evolution and uses of FuranFlex technology.

See video below for overview of installation process:

FuranFlex Flexible Liner System

Before and after installation of a FuranFlex Lining System

Brownstone Chimney Liner Installation Challenges

Brownstones, by definition are multi-level residential buildings.  When viewing the chimney on one of the buildings you will most often see multiple chimney caps. these are often encased within the same brick chimney. Each boiler and/or fireplace in the brownstone will have its own flue and chimney cap.  Since the fireplaces on each floor are often lined up one on top of the other, the flue for the bottom floor chimney has to snake its way up and around the chimney on each floor above. The same is true for the boiler flue that is located in the basement.  There is an unavoidable problem that occurs because of this... In order to get a stainless steel liner system from the chimney cap to the fireplace on the first floor, you have to open the wall around the fireplace on each of the floors above. Sometimes this wall is covered in brickwork, sheet-rock, or other tiling materials.  Opening this wall up requires it to be repaired and this often can cost more than the actual installation of the stainless steel chimney liner.   Click Here to see a full 7 minute video on a Brownstone FuranFlex  Installation.

All Chimney Liner Systems

The purpose of a chimney liner is to keep the heat of flue gases inside the chimney so the chimney can’t overheat nearby combustible material (such as the framing and walls of your brownstone) and possibly cause a fire. The liner also keeps carbon monoxide, moisture, smoke, creosote, and other products of combustion leaking into your brownstone by preventing smoke from seeping through the bricks and mortar of your brownstone chimney system.

Fitting a brownstone chimney with a properly sized liner is the best line of defense against future problems. This ensures good draft by preventing flue gases from expanding and cooling.

The liners we provide are:

  • Strong & Flexible

  • Have a Lifetime Warranty

  • Energy Efficient

  • Gas Boiler Chimney Liners

It is important to acknowledge chimney liner replacement. If you have a brownstone in Brooklyn or Manhattan (NYC)  you may want to have your chimney inspection done by Always Affordable Chimney.

A chimney liner  must be kept clean and clear of all obstruction.  If not functioning properly you and your family could inhale toxic fumes.

Here are the most common reasons for chimney liner replacement and/or installation

  • The chimney is unlined
  • The chimney is lined with terracotta clay flue that has aged, cracked, and/or deteriorated.
  • You are installing a new furnace. Many new furnaces may not fit the pre-existing chimney liner system.
  • You had a chimney fire

Always Affordable Chimney installs brownstone chimney liners for people throughout the NYC area. For more information, please contact us today. The number to call is 855-244-6880.